Episode 6 – Media Bias

Welcome back to the split ticket!  In this episode, Maggie Littel, Sabina Idriz, Logan Zweifel, David Mordini, and Faith Bourgeacq, along with host Elizabeth Clarey, discuss media bias, journalistic ethics, and Donald Trump’s interactions with the media.


This Episode’s Sources:

  1. Fox Article: “Trump Has Kept Many Promises His First Year In Office”
  2. CNN Article: “The exhausting first year of Donald Trump’s Presidency”
  3. Time Article: “Here Are the Promises President Trump Kept and Broke in His First Year”
  4. Journalists’ Resource, on the media’s effect on Supreme Court approval ratings
  5. Pew Research Center, on campaign coverage
  6. SPJ Code of Journalistic Ethics
  7. Forbes, on the owners of media companies
  8. Buisness Insider, on the owners of media companies

Edited/Produced by: Madeleine Leigh

Episode 4 – Conspiracy Theories

Hello, and welcome to the Halloween episode of The Split Ticket!  Paige Harken, Camryn Kubicki, Madeleine Leigh, Paige Penningroth, Ireland Larsen, Sabina Idriz, Sterling McTee, Tanner Halleran, Dylan Gadberry, and host Liz Clarey discuss a whole range of conspiracy theories, including Scientology, Bohemian Grove, birds, the Mandela effect, UVB 76, 9/11, the Denver International Airport, and the Liberty Bell.


This Episode’s Sources:

  1. Scientology
    1. Ranker’s 13 Scariest Scientology Conspiracy Theories
  2. Birds Aren’t Real
    1. Birds Aren’t Real official website
  3. 9/11
    1. Educate. Inspire. Change. Facebook video on 9/11
    2. Images of planes after being hit by birds
    3. F4 Phantom Jet Hits Concrete Wall at 500 MPH
  4. Bohemian Grove
    1. Skeptoid on the Bohemian Club Conspiracy
    2. Ranker’s Creepy Stories and Theories About Bohemian Grove 
  5. Aliens
    1. CBS on UFO sightings
  6. Denver International Airport
    1. The Independent, on why the Denver International Airport is so weird
  7. UVB 76
    1. Wikipedia article on UVB 76
    2. The Daily Dot on UVB 76
    3. UVB 76 Live Stream Blog
  8. Mandela Effect/Multiverse Theory
    1. The Independent, on the Mandela Effect
    2. Big Think on how the Mandela Effect proves the existence of parallel universes
  9. The Liberty Bell
    1. Washington Post on the Missing Liberty Bell

Edited/Produced by Madeleine Leigh

Formatted for Radio by Maggie Littel