Episode 10 – Student Voices, Student Activism

Hello, and welcome back to the Split Ticket!  In this episode, we are very excited to host three guests from Prosper, TX, who share their experiences defending students’ first amendment rights: Haley Stack, Neha Madhira, and Lori Oglesbee.  Along with our own Melanie Schnurr and Madeleine Leigh, they talk about why student voices matter and the legislation they are advocating for to protect them.

Here are links to some things mentioned this episode:

  1. Eagle Nation Online, Prosper High School’s online news publication
  2. New Voices, the student-led movement to protect student voices
  3. The New York Times Article
  4. More information on Hazelwood School District v. Kuhlmeier
  5. Women’s Media Center Podcast with Stack and Madhira 

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Image credit: Dr. Kelly Bruhn

Episode 9 – Environment

Hello, and welcome to the first episode of 2019! In this episode Jayson Mears, Madeleine Leigh, Melanie Schnurr, and Paige Penningroth, along with host Liz Clary, discuss the current state of our environment, how it relates to politics, and possible solutions to our impending global problems.

This episode’s sources:

  1. The United Nations, an overview of their special climate report
  2. The United Nations, on the Paris Agreement 
  3. The United Nations, on Nationally Determined Contributions for the Paris Agreement
  4. The United Nations, on climate change
  5. The United Nations, on slowing climate change in 2018
  6. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, their special climate report
  7. Science Alert, which countries are behind their NDC for the Paris Agreement
  8. The Guardian, on Republicans’ opinion of climate change
  9. The New York Times, on Republicans and the Montreal Protocol
  10. The Weather Channel, on global emissions in 2017

Edited/formatted for radio by Madeleine Leigh

Episode 8 – Abortion

Hello, and welcome back to The Split Ticket!  This week, Dylan Gadberry, Madeleine Leigh, and Sterling McTee discuss Roe v. Wade, pro-life and pro-choice arguments, and why having this debate is so hard for Americans.

This episode’s sources:

  1. Iowans For Life
  2. The Atlantic, on science and the pro-life argument
  3. RedState, on Roe v. Wade
  4. Cornell Legal Information Institute, on the 14th amendment
  5. Caselaw, with the Supreme Court’s decision on Roe v. Wade
  6. The Lancet, on Guttmacher Institute’s survey of abortion clinic availability (click here for map)
  7. American Cancer Society, on abortion and breast cancer
  8. National Health Institute, on abortion and pelvic inflammatory disease
  9. American Psychological Association, on post-abortion syndrome
  10. Wikipedia, on McFall v. Shrimp
  11. The Moral Property of Women: A History of Birth Control Politics in America, by LINDA GORDON

Edited/Produced/Formatted for radio by Madeleine Leigh

Episode 7 – Hate Speech

Hello, and welcome back to The Split Ticket!  Today, Dylan Gadberry, Madeleine Leigh, Sterling McTee, and Paige Penningroth, along with host Brady Silas, discuss free speech, hate speech, and who has the power to regulate hate speech.

This Episode’s Sources:

  1. Freedom Forum Institute, on when the First Amendment applies
  2. Des Moines Register, on Plymouth Church’s BLM banner
  3. AAUP, on exceptions to free speech in schools
  4. Freedom Forum Institute, on freedom of expression
  5. The U.S. Courts, on free speech
  6. Wikipedia, on hate speech in the U.S.
  7. The Washington Post, on hate speech and the first amendment
  8. Reuters, on social media regulating hate speech
  9. Soul of Society: A Focus on the Lives of Children & Youth, “Exposure to Online Hate Among Young Social Media Users”
  10. The Atlantic, on social media and hate speech
  11. The European Union’s Framework Decision on combating certain forms and expressions of racism and xenophobia by means of criminal law
  12. FindLaw, on the legal responsibilities of social media sites
  13. ABC News poll about Neo Nazis

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Episode 4 – Conspiracy Theories

Hello, and welcome to the Halloween episode of The Split Ticket!  Paige Harken, Camryn Kubicki, Madeleine Leigh, Paige Penningroth, Ireland Larsen, Sabina Idriz, Sterling McTee, Tanner Halleran, Dylan Gadberry, and host Liz Clarey discuss a whole range of conspiracy theories, including Scientology, Bohemian Grove, birds, the Mandela effect, UVB 76, 9/11, the Denver International Airport, and the Liberty Bell.


This Episode’s Sources:

  1. Scientology
    1. Ranker’s 13 Scariest Scientology Conspiracy Theories
  2. Birds Aren’t Real
    1. Birds Aren’t Real official website
  3. 9/11
    1. Educate. Inspire. Change. Facebook video on 9/11
    2. Images of planes after being hit by birds
    3. F4 Phantom Jet Hits Concrete Wall at 500 MPH
  4. Bohemian Grove
    1. Skeptoid on the Bohemian Club Conspiracy
    2. Ranker’s Creepy Stories and Theories About Bohemian Grove 
  5. Aliens
    1. CBS on UFO sightings
  6. Denver International Airport
    1. The Independent, on why the Denver International Airport is so weird
  7. UVB 76
    1. Wikipedia article on UVB 76
    2. The Daily Dot on UVB 76
    3. UVB 76 Live Stream Blog
  8. Mandela Effect/Multiverse Theory
    1. The Independent, on the Mandela Effect
    2. Big Think on how the Mandela Effect proves the existence of parallel universes
  9. The Liberty Bell
    1. Washington Post on the Missing Liberty Bell

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Episode 2 – Ethics in Prisons

Hello, and welcome back to The Split Ticket! In this episode, Ben Rowray, Camryn Kubicki, Ireland Larson, and Madeleine Leigh, along with host Elizabeth Clarey, discuss some of the problems in America’s prison system.

This Episode’s Sources:

  1. The American Prospect Article
  2. 2016 Prison Strikes Article
  3. The Outline Article
  4. 2018 Prison Strikes Article
  5. Swedish Prisoners Article
  6. New York Times ADX Article
  7. BBC Albert Woodfox Article
  8. New Yorker Albert Woodfox Article
  10. Big Businesses Using Prison Labor
  11. Prison Wages Article
  12. Nassau Weekly Article
  13. Truthdig Article
  14. Mass Incarceration and Violent Crimes Article
  15. The Sentencing Project
  16. The Morrison Institute
  17. prisonpolicy.org


Edited/Produced by: Madeleine Leigh


Episode 1 – Political Polarization

Hello, and welcome to the first episode of The Split Ticket!  In this episode David Mordini, Madeleine Leigh, Paige Harken, Tanner Halleran, and Melanie Schnurr, led by host Brady Silas, discuss what political polarization is, the forms that it takes, its roots, and what it means for our society as a whole.  Also: where do we draw the line on forgiveness for politicians’ past actions? Which actions are unforgivable?

#english #onlynewtknows

This Episode’s Sources:

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Edited/Produced by: Madeleine Leigh