Episode 9 – Environment

Hello, and welcome to the first episode of 2019! In this episode Jayson Mears, Madeleine Leigh, Melanie Schnurr, and Paige Penningroth, along with host Liz Clary, discuss the current state of our environment, how it relates to politics, and possible solutions to our impending global problems.

This episode’s sources:

  1. The United Nations, an overview of their special climate report
  2. The United Nations, on the Paris AgreementĀ 
  3. The United Nations, on Nationally Determined Contributions for the Paris Agreement
  4. The United Nations, on climate change
  5. The United Nations, on slowing climate change in 2018
  6. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, their special climate report
  7. Science Alert, which countries are behind their NDC for the Paris Agreement
  8. The Guardian, on Republicans’ opinion of climate change
  9. The New York Times, on Republicans and the Montreal Protocol
  10. The Weather Channel, on global emissions in 2017

Edited/formatted for radio by Madeleine Leigh

Episode 5 – Education

Hello, and welcome back to The Split Ticket! In this episode, Alex Castro, Emily Kellogg, Jayson Mears, Melanie Schnurr, and host Elizabeth Clarey discuss standardized testing, Common Core, teachers’ salaries, and what to do about the cost of higher education.

This episode’s sources:

  1. Understood, on Common Core state standards
  2. Teacher Hub, two teachers’ opinions about Common Core standards
  3. TFP Student Action, on why Common Core is bad for education
  4. Huffington Post, on mixing education and politics
  5. The Guardian, on how education affects elections in the U.S.
  6. Barry C. Burden, on the effects of education on voter turnout
  7. FindLaw, on how school funding is actually used
  8. The Atlantic, on how income inequality affects children’s quality of education
  9. New York Times opinion letter, on affirmative action
  10. Washington Post, on problems with standardized tests
  11. Vittana, on the benefits and drawbacks of standardized tests
  12. World Happiness page 183, on countries’ comparative happiness

Edited/Produced by Madeleine Leigh

Formatted for radio by Maggie Littel