Episode 3 – Guns

Welcome back to The Split Ticket!  In this episode, Louis Moreno, Camryn Kubicki, Sterling McTee, Ireland Larsen, and Dylan Gadberry, along with host Brady Silas, discuss gun rights, background checks, gun safety, and mental health.

Remember to make sure your sock drawer is hella fucking secure.

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This Episode’s Sources:

  1. The Daily Wire, limiting mass shootings
  2. Just Facts
  3. FBI Uniform Crime Report
  4. Small Arms Survey
  5. Free Beacon
  6. FBI data on background checks
  7. VPC on regulating assault weapons
  8. The Daily Wire, violent crime in Australia 
  9. Business Insider, Obama’s effect on gun sales
  10. The New York Times, Australia’s gun laws

Edited/Produced by Madeleine Leigh

Formatted for Radio by Maggie Littel