Episode 8 – Abortion

Hello, and welcome back to The Split Ticket!  This week, Dylan Gadberry, Madeleine Leigh, and Sterling McTee discuss Roe v. Wade, pro-life and pro-choice arguments, and why having this debate is so hard for Americans.

This episode’s sources:

  1. Iowans For Life
  2. The Atlantic, on science and the pro-life argument
  3. RedState, on Roe v. Wade
  4. Cornell Legal Information Institute, on the 14th amendment
  5. Caselaw, with the Supreme Court’s decision on Roe v. Wade
  6. The Lancet, on Guttmacher Institute’s survey of abortion clinic availability (click here for map)
  7. American Cancer Society, on abortion and breast cancer
  8. National Health Institute, on abortion and pelvic inflammatory disease
  9. American Psychological Association, on post-abortion syndrome
  10. Wikipedia, on McFall v. Shrimp
  11. The Moral Property of Women: A History of Birth Control Politics in America, by LINDA GORDON

Edited/Produced/Formatted for radio by Madeleine Leigh